Are you a Christian woman trying to build a business so you can further the kingdom?
Discover how to build a brand that makes MORE impact and MORE revenue without sacrificing God’s purpose for your life

This is exclusive bundle gives you complete access to the framework I used to build a six-figure brand plus the tools and templates I use to put it all on autopilot!

As a Christian female business owner, you KNOW you've been called to something greater.
Let me guess, you're seeing other women attracting thousands of followers, creating massive impact, and generating an abundance of revenue. Running a business that is aligned with their purpose and they aren't sacrificing their entire life to do it!

And if you're like I once was, you might be growing weary of seeing other entrepreneurs building a successful life and business..

Or, if you're REALLY like me, 
you're tired of chasing the all of the shiny new marketing strategies and wondering why in the world you STILL feel like something is just "off" and not clicking.

Well, I'm gonna let you in on a little BIG secret....

YOU are 

The only thing that will separate you from the others in your industry is YOU!

And right now, you can grab my personal brand bundle with all of the tools and templates to help you step into your secret sauce and build a brand that's aligned with your purpose for a freakin steal!

Let me ask you something...
What would your life be like if you could stop chasing the latest and greatest in your industry and FINALLY create a brand that is aligned with your purpose?
The Purposeful Brand Bundle will help you:

✔️ Get crystal clear on God's purpose for your life and business so that you step fully into the business owner God has called you to be.

✔️ Discover exactly who God wants you to serve so that you are attracting MORE of the right audience and customers.

✔️ Create MORE Impact and generate MORE revenue so that you can fully live the life God has called you to live and further His Kingdom.

✔️ Get fully aligned with the dream God has put on your heart

So that you can further the Kingdom AND build a life and business you love!
Here's what you'll learn...

🤎 How to build a brand that's aligned with your God given purpose and values

🤎 How to attract the RIGHT followers and customers

🤎 How to stand out in a crowded market

🤎 How to increase your revenue so you can make more impact and live the life you've been called to live

🤎 And so much more!

5 Quick & Easy to Follow Trainings
so you don't have to spend hours going through a mind-numbing course!
Module 1 - Purpose
Get crystal clear on your purpose, vision, and values so your business is aligned with God's purpose for your life.
Module 2 - Niche
Learn how to define WHO you're talking to, HOW you talk to them, and HOW you serve them!

Module 3 - Marketing
Create a marketing funnel that attracts the right audience and turns them into raving fans and customers.
Module 4 - Revenue
Discover which products and services to offer and how to add multiple revenue streams that align with your purpose and brand so that you can make more income and more impact.

Module 5 - Productivity
Learn how to put this all on autopilot with systems and process so you can work less and make more.

Trainings also come with a comprehensive workbook to guide you through the trainings.

Access to recordings of the live Q&A Corie did during this workshop

On top of that,
I've put together a suite of

Bonus Training:

Allowing God to be the Center of Your Business - This bonus training with Corie will help you to stay aligned with exactly who God has called you to be and keep Him the center of your business. Corie shares practical steps she takes to keep her business Christ-centered and Kingdom focused.

Bonus Training:

Being Intentional With Your Time - Feel like you never have enough time? Learn how to get your time back and fill your schedule with the things that matter most! Plus, worksheets to help you take control of your time!

Plus! Tools & Templates to Help You Hit the Ground Running!

Purpose Babe 90 Day Business Planner

Instant access to Corie's downloadable 90 Day Business Planner that implements Corie's Purposeful Brand Method so that you can save time and get the things that matter most DONE all while keeping God the center of your business

An Entire YEAR of Social Media Prompts 

Stop pulling your hair out and wondering what to say on social media with 365 days worth of social media prompts that can be customized to fit ANY niche!

Ultimate Content & Social Bundle

Save time and sanity with 200 social & story templates.
Plus, take out the guess work with these tutorials!
✅ Video tutorial on how to use the Canva Templates
✅ Video tutorial on how to use my favorite Facebook Scheduling tool + 30 Days Free Access to it!
✅ Video Tutorial on how to use my favorite Instagram Scheduling tool + $10 off

2022 Printable Wall Calendar

This oversized Wall Calendar will help you plan your entire year with purpose and intention. 
Fill in all of your family's most important events first to be sure your business and personal life don't pull away from each other. This is the exact calendar I use to plan my entire life and business!
From family vacations to birthdays to business launches, there's room for all of it!

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Corie.
A multi-passionate entrepreneur who's deepest desire is to glorify God and further His Kingdom.

I took the dream God put on my heart and built a multiple six figure business from the ground up. It wasn't easy and there were definitely some times I tried to leave God in the back seat. But that never works out well, does it? I've learned that if God has called me to it, and I am faithful with what He has put in my hands, He'll continue to guide me.

It's my passion to help other women do the same.

I believe you were created ON purpose FOR purpose and you are fully capable of living it out.

If you've ever felt like you KNOW God is asking you to move in your business... like He's calling you to bigger and better, but something is just off then this workshop bundle is for you.

When we have clarity on God's purpose for our lives and our businesses, we can create momentum and watch God's beautiful plan unfold.

I can't wait to see what God does with your business!


Let’s break it all down, shall we?
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Purposeful Brand 5 Part Training, Workbook & Q&A ($497 value)
  •  Bonus Training: Allowing God to be the Center of Your Business ($97 value)
  •  Bonus Training: Being Intentional With Your Time ($97 value)
  •  90 Day Printable Business Planner ($37 value)
  • ​365 Day Calendar of Social Media Prompts ($197 value)
  • ​200 Canva Social & Story Templates + Tutorial videos ($197 value)
  • ​2022 Oversized Wall Calendar ($18 value)
That's well over $1,000... For just $47 today!
This is what you call a no brainer ;)
Who is this for?
This is for Christian female entrepreneurs and business owners who want to align (or realign) their business to God's calling on their life. No matter what stage of business you are in, this bundle will help you recalibrate your vision, values, niche, and revenue streams so that you can run the business you've always wanted!
What if I'm not good at tech?
No problem! The trainings, tools, and templates are all easy to use and include training videos to help you along the way!
What if I'm new to business?
Then this is a great way to jump in! This is the process I use with my high ticket clients to help them lay a firm foundation that is aligned with your purpose. You'll be able to move forward knowing that you're headed in the right direction building the business God called you to in the first place!
What if my business is already thriving?
If you're already hitting your revenue goals and feel fully aligned with your purpose and God's calling on your life, then this may not be for you. You might be ready to jump into one of my coaching programs or masterminds to help you get to that next level.

Finally build your a brand that is aligned God's purpose for your life so you can attract more of the RIGHT customers, build wealth, and further the Kingdom!

When will I get access to the products?
You will receive immediate access to everything in the bundle, including the bonuses!

How long do I have access?
This bundle gives you lifetime access to everything mentioned above.
Can I get a refund?
Due to the nature of the digital products and immediate access, there are no refunds.

Is this a membership?
No, this is a one time payment of $47!
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